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Small and medium businesses face many of the same IT challenges as larger enterprises, trying to accommodate increasing demand for new IT capabilities and services. SMBs often place even greater emphasis on cost savings and on protecting business critical systems and data, since shrinking IT staff and budgets and a “do more with less” mantra make it extremely difficult to simultaneously maintain day-to-day business operations (keeping the lights on) and invest in new strategic projects that can yield longer-term efficiencies to help the business grow.

Here we believe that virtualization can transform the management of your IT infrastructure and help you save cost and maximise your profits. With virtualisation servers can become dynamic software files that can be provisioned, managed, secured and protected with greater speed and efficiency using an on-demand pool of infrastructure resources. Applications can be delivered seamlessly with the highest level of availability and service levels, without the cost and complexity of traditional IT solutions.



Consolidates multiple, under-utilized physicalservers on a single host, running Virtual Machines


Reduces workforce/space/kilowatt by leveraging virtualization for server consolidation and agility


Helps save money because less managing, less space and less kilowatt hours are needed