ZenTech Solutions has extensive experience as leading Information Technology Solutions Services provider in Asia. We are founded on solid principles by committed management and strategic focus direction. Since its establishment, ZenTech Solutions has built a fine corporate portfolio of key accounts in commercial clientele across local and regional. Its exposure in Singapore seals its reputation as a key player in the information technology industry.

ZenTech Solutions provides a holistic range of technology solutions to support our clients' business goals. Our clientele can benefit the ease of integrated solutions offer innovative effective project implementation. Our business presence stretches from Singapore (HQ) to nine countries across Asia.

With wide array of services include consulting,applications development,IT infrastructure,project management,relocation and outsourcing services such as business recovery,data centre management and hosting services,communications and network security services.

Our capabilities and solutions don't just leverage on technology, we create values for our client interest. Our research and development innovation are meticulously design for our customer in mind. We constantly seek collaboration with leading players of the IT and communications industries. Partnerships bring invaluable benefits to our customer with wider selection of usability and scalability. With the solutions to meet market demands, thereby raising our services to the next level.



ZenTech Solutions emphasis on long-term partnerships, we create opportunities for our business partners.

Our commitment and core values:

Trust and Confidence
Productivity - Develop as a highly effective and growing information technology company, never complacent; always seeking for breakthrough.
Profit - Maximize long term returns for the company & its partners



Our vision serves as a guide in key aspects of our business by defining what we need to accomplish in order to achieve quality growth.

People – Be a dynamic company where outstanding professional and Ethical business are establish at all times to provide the highest value to our clients.
Partners – Build relationship with Partners and Alliances to create mutual & enduring value.
Technology - Develop 1st cutting edge technologies to enable our people outstanding.