Flexibly distribute power to racks


With Eaton’s rack power module (RPM)

Partner the BladeUPS with an RPM to create a highly flexible, adaptable power delivery architecture at the rack level. The RPM delivers up to 36 kW of power in an organized manner to loads of various voltages, power cords and layouts.

The 3U RPM can be deployed in the same rack with the UPS and IT equipment; there’s no need for a dedicated infrastructure rack. The resulting architecture has fewer cables to manage, fewer distribution points to monitor and greater flexibility for IT personnel to make changes without an electrician.

Consider a Tier II data center with 42 racks at 5 kW per rack: the BladeUPS with RPM can meet power requirements with half the number of racks, 60 percent less rack space, 45 percent less cabling and 41 percent less square footage than other vendors’ power distribution products that require dedicated racks.

These advantages make the BladeUPS with RPM ideal for distributed protection in small to mid-sized data centers, or to add zone protection in large data centers that have centralized UPSs.


  • Provides plug-and-play primary distribution of power from three-phase input source to secondary power distribution devices
  • Serves data center loads with various voltages, power cord configurations and layouts
  • Distributes three-phase power to 12 poles, grouped into two sets of six poles, with choice of output receptacle types
  • “Power Equalizer” LED display gives quick visual indication of each circuit's load, reducing possibility of overloads and breakers tripped off line
  • Load information available from the front of the rack, no need to check individual power strips in the rear of the cabinet (hot isle)
  • Branch circuit monitoring option allows easy load monitoring over the network
  • Installs in only 3U of space in EIA 19” rack or enclosure (or wall-mounted)
  • Enables customer installation and changes without the services of an electrician

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